Do you want to explore the island in a relaxed and fun way? Let our guides drive you in a jeep to the most amazing locations!

We have the best tour prices, guaranteed. All our tours are done in 5-door jeeps with air conditioning.

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Tour of the South

Come visit the best beaches in the south, including the Jalé, Piscina, Inhame, Micondo and Sete Ondas beaches.

Discover the Porto Alegre, São João dos Angolares and Agua-Izé villages.

Great photo opportunities at Boca do Inferno and Pico do Cão Grande.

Price starts at 40€/person.

Tour of the North

Come see the cocoa production at the Agostinho Neto and Diogo Vaz villages.

See Lagoa Azul and the Santa Catarina tunnel.

Discover the cities of Neves and Guadalupe.

Price starts at 40€/person.

Tour of the Center

Discover the history of coffee production in the Monte Café and Bombaim villages.

Visit the botanic garden and the São Nicolau waterfall.

Discover Trindade city.

Price starts at 35€/person.

Tour of Ilhéu das Rolas

This adventure starts with a short boat trip.

Visit the Padrão do Equador, and walk to the south hemisphere!

Discover the most amazing secluded beaches.

Only 20€/person (does not include transportation to the pier or the boat ticket).

We have discounts if you schedule multiple tours!

We want you to relax in your vacation, so you can pick the starting time for the tours.

For lunch, you can pack your own meal and do a picnic, or we can drive you to the most picturesque restaurants.

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